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Commercial vehicle company in Jinan is going to win No.1 in the records.
2010-01-06 11:00:04 From: By: 【big middle little】 Read:2419次 Comment:0

   On January 5, the Chinese commercial vehicle company, Jinan heavy truck held meetings of cadres, party secretaries, Yan Wenjun, general manager for research practice, called on all cadres and workers to continue to carry forward the "special ability to endure hardship, to fight, in particular, can offer" spirit, dares to fight tough battles, playing the win, find the factors constraining production and operation, to take precautions ahead of response, from now on to enter the big monthly production status,day by day from now on,and aslo prepared for the opener in the first quarter.

     Yan Wenjun has pointed : Last year, commercial vehicle company in Jinan has made outstanding achievements over the completion of the annual goals and tasks, is indeedly gratifying.

This year's production and operation of the task even more arduous and the situation is more serious and challenges of opportunities and more, all the cadres and workers to strengthen their confidence, a clear mandate, with a strong sense of responsibility and mission to do our own work to further improve the management level, for the production and operation of guarantees;should be placed on safety in production , for vehicles,electrical and other equipments to conduct inspections to eliminate potential safety problems:three rooms to the production department for equipment maintence in advance to ensure that producing month without failure, does not affect the production of rhythme:right bottleneck processes and prone to problems of things need to be prepared to deal with advance preparation,development of practical measures to safeguard does not affect the normal assembly, to do a good job of human resources and equipment and staff skills training for the production of the volume to open pairs of classes to lay the foundation; Technology department, the quality of the Department of the Ministry and the General Assembly to co-organize the production site service team to do a good job for the night shift services to prepare the work to ensure that producing month is not affected. Carefully organize the supporting resources, according to production plans in advance of resources and preparation work to ensure that the production beat. Pairs of complementary resources, quality inspection mark to move forward, not simply wait for incoming inspection, before delivery to the supplementary resources for the conduct quality testing to ensure compliance with quality requirements, reduce on-line resources for quality problems, to improve assembly efficiency, improve assembly quality lay a good foundation; to further improve vehicle quality, timely and marketing departments, gather market feedback to effectively improve the existing quality problems, the real market-and customer-centric, so that the quality of vehicle steadily; the light of the Department of Management Office their work and spare no effort to provide a guarantee for the production of large month.

Finally, he emphasized that all departments have to take extraordinary measures to enthusiastic mental status and a solid concrete work effectively and actively respond to challenges, is going to win the first month of grand opening.



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